Fitness Goals Workbook
Fitness Goals Workbook

Fitness Goals Workbook

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Think about the last time you dieted and failed. Was it because you got on the scale only to find out all of your efforts had lend to little reward? It's frustrating to watch your friends eat delicious foods while you sit there starving only to see the scale barely move. Missing weight goals is the #1 reason people abandon their diets.

Dieting shouldn't be only about weight loss. You can gain weight, but still be losing body fat and improving you overall health. You could be gaining muscle mass, retaining more water than the last time you weighed-in, or a host of other reasons.

That's why it's important to have non-weight related goals as well when you are dieting. If you are struggling to reach your desired weight, you can look at the progress you make in other areas.

This workbook walks you through the process of creating those goals. Our exercises help you create these goals:

Weight - The most common weight loss goal.

Health - Set goals to improve your blood pressure, blood sugar levels, etc.

Exercise - Improve your stamina. Set goals to walk further in 30 minutes, do more pushups or climb more stairs without running out of breath.

Personal - Looking to fit into a new dress? Just want to feel better about your self? Set some personal goals.

Other - Have some goals that don't fall into the other categories? We provide space to add them.