My Food Vault Refrigerator Magnet

My Food Vault Refrigerator Magnet

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Do you find yourself accepting every lunch invite instead of staying in and sticking to your diet? How often do you let boredom dictate that it's time to eat?

Our My Food Vault refrigerator magnet helps eliminate those issues. It's fun and easy to use!

Every morning, determine how many calories you want to eat that day. Then select a time and food for each meal you plan to eat. At the appointed time, your vault "unlocks" and you can enjoy your meal.

A side game I use to challenge myself is placing a tip jar next to my refrigerator. Whenever I eat something not on the meal list, I place a dollar in the jar. If I eat before it's time, I place a dollar in the jar. After a month, I take the money and donate it to charity.  It's my punishment for going off diet, but you can use it to fund a reward when you reach your next goal!

My Food Vault will help you reduce the amount of unexpected meals and keep you focused on eating the foods to fuel your new lifestyle! I know it has saved me from myself.

The magnet is 9" x 12" and comes with a magnetic eraser and 2 magnetic markers.

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